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2017 GenerationenWohnen. Innovative project for a residential area in Burgdorf
2016 Competition project for the design of the square of the Fribourg railway station
2015 Extension primary school La Neuveveille, Fribourg, competition project
2014 Project study for the area of the neoclassical villa Schmid in Burgdorf, including the preservation and restructuring of the villa and their close-up range, as well as the conception of two new residential building
2015 Competition project for the new cow fighting arena and market hall at Raron, Canton of Valais
2014 Poveglia Island Ideas Competition, in search of new ways to live in Venice
2014 Competition project for a nursery school in Heerbrugg
2014 Conversion of a historic apartment building, Lentulusstrasse in Berne
2014 Competition project for a new promary school at Granges-Paccot (Kanton of Fribourg)
2014 Rehabilitation of two historic apartments in the old town of Berne
2013 Selective waste disposal facility Berne West, restructuring of the waste disposal management concept by a new dumping ramp and conversions of existing buildings and installations (Roduner engineering., ingenta engineering, Moeri landscaping)
2013 Completion of the re-design and upgrading of the historic centre of the medieaval town of BÜREN AN DER AARE. 2007 winning scheme in a competition, with Basler Hofmann West AG (engineers) and Daniel Moeri (landscape).
2012 Remodelling of the base station of the cable car leading up from LIGERZ (lake of Biel) to the „Tessenberg“
2011 Feasibility study and preliminary project for a new residential area with 80 units at BURGDORF
2011 Competition project for the new playhouse „OXER “ in Aarau
2004-2010 International Design Competition for the HAGAR QIM and Mnajdra Heritage Park, Malta, First Prize
2007-2010 Competition for the CEMETERY CHAPEL with viewing area at Bolligen/Ittigen near Berne. 1st prize. Inauguration May 2010
2010 Transformation of a family house in MURTEN
2009 Total renewal of the funicular railway of the ZUGERBERG, conceptual design of the stations and the new carriages
2009 Total renewal of the funicular railway BIEL-LEUBRINGEN, including the railway track, new carriages and the reconstruction of the stations
2007-09 TORACHER at Muri near Berne: Concept for an innovative housing scheme aiming at a closer exchange between generations, embracing a community centre in an ancient farm house, sustainable use of materials and energy, and allowing a more intenstive interaction between young and old in all day living.
2009 Upgrading and restructuring of an ancient farm house in METTMENSTETTEN (canton of Zurich) as part of the historic and protected village centre.
2009 Competition for the restructuring and renewal of the historic MAIN THEATRE of the City of Solothurn, 2nd prize
2009 Competition project fort the tourist resort NEUHAUS at Interlaken, with hotel, apartments and leisure/sports facilities
2008 Competition project for the new TRAMWAY GARAGE in Berne North
2007 Design contribution for a workshop aiming at an urban renewal of the Gyrischachen area in BURGDORF, with special focus on high-rise housing schemes
2007 Urbanistic Study for a Business Center in LUANDA, Angola
2007 Competition Project for a sixth form school at PLAFFEIEN (FR)
2007 Competition Project for the Swiss pavillion at the 2010 World Exhibition in SHANGHAI
2006 Restructuring Parish Community Centre "MELCHENBÜHL" at Muri near Berne, Including assembly hall, tuition centre, nursery, vicarage
2006 International urban ideas competition for the new Paris Court House on the site of TOLBIAC-Halle Freyssinet
2006 Competition for the redesign of the "Dählhölzli" ZOO in Berne, includingnew installations and enclosures for Atlantic puffins, musk ox, reindeer and Arctic fox. 3rd price
2006 MUSEUM of Fine Arts in Berne, new extension for the Department of Contemporary Art, competition project 1st degree
2006 Housing Scheme for a 5000 m2 lot in the new residential area BRÜNNEN, so called Berne West, competition.
2006 Upgrading of two open air BATH'S (Marzili and Wyler) in Berne, commissioned by the city of Berne.
2006 Completition of the new residential area SANDRAIN
2006 International Competition for the JEONGOK Prehistory Mueseum, Corea
2005 Urban STUDY for the re-utilization of the Fire Station by Hans Weiss, classified as historic building to preserve
2005 Project bird WATHING TOWER, natural resort Wohlensee, near Berne, commissioner city of Berne
2005 Project for the extension of the SCHADAUSAAL at Thun, competition in two stages
2005 Competition for a new BRIDGE over the river Aare in Olten, with M.Kiefer, struct. engineer
2005 Competition for a new troup accomodation at the air force base SION GARENNE, with Daniel Herren
2004 Completition of the new residential area in the villa garden of the VILLETTE, known as „RED CASTLE“ in Muri (near Berne)
2004 St.Maurice, PROTECTIVE SHELTER for the archaeological site of Le Martolet, competition project, with Michael Kiefer, engineer
2004 ST. LUZISTEIG, Swiss Army Training Centre, competition project
2004 Comunal WORKSHOP AND GARAGE by the city of Biel, competition 1st and 2nd stage,, with Herrmann-Chong architects
2004 Theatre at GRANDSON (Lake of Neuchâtel), competition project
2004 Abuja (Nigeria), Residence of the SWISS EMBASSY, competition, winning scheme, with Herrmann-Chong architects
2004 Restructuring of an apartment with new external access at MURI
2004 „k-box“, APARTEMENT RUE ST.HONORE, Paris, in association with Franck Sabatier, architect
2004 Competition for 2 new artillery trainig halls at the military base of BIERE (Canton of Vaud)
2003 Competition for the conception of NOISE PROTECTION BARRIERS in sensitive landscapes and near historic sites along the national speedway along the shore of the Lake of Biel. Commission for the measures at Roggette and Rychenbach.
2003 International design competition for a center for research and creation in contemporary art NAM JUNE PAIK MUSEUM, COREA
2003 Technical and structural adaptation for the new Center for Information and Communication of the Swiss Army GUISAN CASERNE, Berne, with Herrmann-Chong Arch.
2003 Completionof the renovation and extension of the historic living quarters of the Swiss Army MANNSCHAFTSKASERNE, Berne, with Herrmann-Chong Arch.
2003 Project and urban design competition for the renewal of the university campus of the Cité ST. JUSTIN at Fribourg, 2nd prize, 1st mention
2003 Urban design competition in two tages for sector 4 of the area of the former gas works at BIEL 3rd prize, in collaboration with Herrmann-Chong Arch.
2002 Competition for a primary school at COLOMBIER (NE),with Ch.A.Stauffer, 3rd price
2002 Competition for a new Cantonal school compex at AVRY (FR)
2002 Extension of the cimitery at WOHLEN with H.Kohler, F.Vogel, I.Subiger (art work)
2002 Competition for a triple gymnastic hall (GOTTHELF SCHOOL) in Thun
2002 Competition for a new administration and garages of the Public Transportation Authority in BIEL
2001 Urban design study for the renewal of the WANKDORF area in conection with the new city-rail-stations in Bern, commission by the urban planning authority
2001 Competition for a EDUCATIONAL BUILDING in Neuchâtel
2001 Total renewal of the cable car system Biel-Maccolin FUNIC including the extension of the two stations,trackand carriages, completion june2001
2001 Competition for the new music hall and casino at SION, Canton of Valais,4th prize, with Herrmann-Chong Architects
2000 Competition (in two stages) for a new theater (SALLE DE SPECTACLE) in Fribourg
2000 International competition for the direct access to the historical castle district and the re-design of the major square (Piazza della Vittoria) at GORIZIA, Italy, final round
1999 Restructuration and extension of the existing, patially covered PARKING decks to double capacity.
1996-1999 Competition for the summit station of the Gurten cable car (GURTENBAHN), near Berne, Commission for the total renewal of the cable car system, including summit station, lower station, track and wagons, parking. Completion 1999, selection Prix Lignum 2000
1995-2000 Competition and for the new regional theater in Neuchâtel, THEATRE DU PASSAGE, 1st prize, project recommendation, completion 2000, with Herrmann-Chong Architects, AIA Europe International Design Awards 2001, 3rd prize
1996 Renovation, Family Housing HASELHOLZWEG 8,11,12, at Schliern (near Berne)
1994 Competition for the trade school center on the SCHUETZEN-AREAL, Zürich
1985 Design for adjustable TABLE LIGTH for "Lehni"
Buildings and projects Schweizer/Hunziker Architects
1992-1997 Academy for actors and conservatory for musician SCHAUSPIELAKADEMIE, Zürich (Canton), primary architect W.Hunziker
1991-95 MÜHLEPLATZ THUN, Conversion and redesign of a new urban square as a result of the demolition of two mill buildings, integration of the historic canal system. The main intent was to make the riverside accesible for the public. Competition for the preservation of the mills, 2nd prize.
1988 Landscape architecture competition fot the community pool MARZILI, city of Berne, 1st prize, project recommendation
1988 Competition project for the train station of OLTEN, 4th prize.
1987 Landscape architecture competition for the extension of the cimitery at BUEMPLIZ, (near Berne), 1st prize, project recommendation
1985 Design and building of home and artists studio FAHRLAENDER, Chandossel (Canton of Fribourg) Inventory of contemporary architecture in the canton of Fribourg